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-=[ About SecureRoot ]=-

SecureRoot is now under new ownership. This page explains the background to this change, as well as the intentions and plans of the new owner.


The SecureRoot portal is of course well established. It was created in the nineties and quickly emerged with its simple to use and friendly interface. Its popularity was across the board, with both hackers and security staff visiting frequently.

I was amongst these visitors, using the portal from time to time as a launchpad to find interesting sites. It became noticable, however, that the portal was not being regularly updated. This didn't have a major effect, because the content was still relevant and the substantial.

One day though - the site was replaced by a single page, offering the domain name for sale. It was clear that unless action was taken immediately SecureRoot was lost. The resource and its place in history would be gone for ever. Anyone who did purchase the name would most likely produce a new site. It was time to act.


SecureRoot is a unique resource, and will stay that way. We have no intention of changing the character of the site at all.

Importantly, the content will also be preserved as a snapshot of history. However, at the same time, it is important that the site remains functional and useful for something other than an historical curiosity. The plan therefore is as follows:

Phase 1: We are working hard to get all the internal links and features working again. We have inserted a temporary search facility as the old one was failing, and we will restore as much of the old functionality as we can.

Phase 2: For entries in the directory, these will not be deleted, even where the link produces a 404. These entries are key to the historical aspect of the site. We will therefore review all the links (which will take a lot of time: there are a lot of them!) and will move the broken links to the bottom of the stack to prevent frustration for our loyal visitors.

Phase 3: We will continue to add entries. Until the above issues are addressed, only exceptional sites will be added. However, we do hope to return to 'business as usual' as soon as we can. The first two phases do have to take priority though.

So there we have it: New owner, but hopefully the site will eventually be restored fully to its former glory. We have have even found a couple of sponsors to help cover the cost of hosting (more would be welcome). Any changes to the above schedule will be posted here of course.

Thanks for visiting SecureRoot and for your patience during the transition.


(C) 1999-2000 All rights reserved.