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Home : Security Tools : Big Brother Network and System Monitor

Program name: Big Brother Network and System Monitor
Author: BB4 Technologies Inc.
Date: 10th July 2000
Homepage: http://bb4.com/
Download: http://bb4.com/download.html

Big Brother consists of local clients that test system conditions and the availability of network services, and send these status reports to one or more DISPLAY servers where these reports appear as little dots on a web page, or PAGER servers that notify administrators about system problems.

The most important features of BB (source: bb4.com) are:

  • Simple network connectivity via ping
  • Network can check the availability of ftp, http, smtp, pop3, dns, telnet, imap, nntp, and ssh servers
  • Local system clients monitor disk space, CPU usage, messages, and can check that important processes are up and running
  • Support for multiple DISPLAY and PAGER servers for high-availability.
  • Warning and alarm levels are all easily redefinable
  • Web Display can be easily modified
  • Support for custom external tests
  • Integration with other systems like MRTG
  • Many custom tests available to test things like Oracle databases
  • Notify via e-mail, numeric pager, alphanumeric pager, or custom
  • Notify based on machine name, test type, time of day, test result
  • delay notifications until a problem has existed for a predetermined amount of time
  • require notifications be acknowledged and escalate if not acked
  • disable repeated pages from the web display
  • automatic escalation should a problem exist for longer than a predetermined amount of time

Program screenshot

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